Café Royal Books on show.

I’m pleased to say that the above photograph, of East European ‘Klondyker’ fishermen in the Shetland Isles, is currently on show at the Café Royal Books Documentary, Zines & Subversion exhibition, showing at the Martin Parr Foundation at Paintworks, in Bristol until 12th June 2022.

Also on show at the exhibition are 300 of 500 zines published, from Archives 1-5, by Café Royal Books, and I believe the zines and prints will be swapped in and out as the show progresses.

Theres plenty of photography to be enjoyed by a huge list of photographers including, but not limited to Mike Abrahams, Daniel Meadows, Homer Sykes, Martin Parr, Simon Roberts, and my Document Scotland colleagues Sophie Gerrard, Colin Mcpherson, Stephen McLaren; and many, many more.

From the Martin Parr Foundation website about the show:

Cafe Royal Books – established in 2005 – publish utilitarian, affordable and accessible zines, highlighting and preserving post war documentary photography that has links to Britain and Ireland.

Every 100th title, Café Royal Books produces an archive box of the previous 100 zines and this exhibition presents the 500 CRB zines from the first five archive boxes. These have been published between 2012 and 2022.

Each CRB title presents a single story by a single photographer; collectively they aim to gather and organise a genre of photography that has often been neglected. Much of the work Café Royal Books publish is previously unseen.

Photographs from the stories published by Café Royal Books will also be exhibited in the MPF gallery alongside the zines.

Image from ‘Scottish Orange Walks’, by Café Royal Books.

Café Royal Books zines available from myself

I’m pleased to have collaborated with Craig Atkinson, publisher of the zines, on a few occasions so far resulting in seven zines of photography from Scotland in the 1990s being published.

I still have a few copies of the first two below, Longannet Colliery and Scottish Orange Walks, but the others are sold out. Follow the link to go to the shop.

‘Longannet Colliery 2001’, Café Royal Books, 2019

‘Scottish Orange Walks 1993-1998’, Café Royal Books, 2019

‘Shipbuilding on the River Clyde’, Café Royal Books, 2019

‘Nelson Mandela, Glasgow 1993’, Café Royal Books, 2016

‘North Sea Fishing’, Café Royal Books, 2015

‘Klondykers, Shetland 1994’, Café Royal Books, 2015

‘The Common Riding’, Café Royal Books, 2013

Image from ‘Longannet Colliery, 2001’, from Café Royal Books, and included in CRB Archive 4.

Go see the show, runs at Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol until 12th June 2022. (Thurs–Sun 10.30am–5.30pm. Free entry, all welcome.)

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