First Glimpse, photography exhibition at St Andrews

As part of the acquisition of the Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert photography archive by the University of St Andrews there is a very small exhibition currently being exhibited as a ‘First Glimpse’ of the photography that the archive contains.

It is a very small show, 16 images in total, but talk is a foot of larger show in near future. This really is a first glimpse as the acquisition begins to settle in the university’s library collection.

The images are on show at the Arts Lecture Theatre, accessed off The Scores in St Andrews, and is free to view. Open 9am-4pm, Monday – Friday, for the foreseeable future.

First Glimpse – The archive

Comprising of nearly one million images and spanning a remarkable 30-year career to date, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert’s work continues a long tradition of documentary photographer as critical observer. The depth and breadth of this extraordinary archive covers a vast spectrum of subjects – from world leaders to marginalised communities, from historic events in countries all around the globe to the local football match, just down the road. It also reflects some of the huge cultural shifts of our times, whether a growing awareness of ecological disaster or the swirl of political discourse around Scottish independence.

It is a vital historical document, it is an extraordinary artistic achievement, and it is now publicly available for research, teaching, and exhibition through the University of St Andrews.

For more information visit the University Collections website at

‘First Glimpse’ exhibition in the Arts Lecture Theatre building on the acquisition of my photography archive by the University of St Andrews, in St Andrews, Scotland, 25 May 2022.

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