Power to the People

Now is the winter of our discontent, or at least it is coming soon. In the past two weeks people have begun taking to the Glasgow streets, at rallies organised by Power the the People protest group, to voice their anger over the price rises for domestic energy bills.

Two weeks ago outside the Scottish Power HQ, and then 3 days ago outside the offices of OFGEM (the energy markets regulatory body) demonstrations took place, organised by Power to the People. I notice also that stickers have begun appearing on the lampposts of the city. Just like the energy bills, people are on the rise.

This work during our cost of living crisis (or ‘cost of greed crisis’ as one placard read) continues my photography of protests in Glasgow, and would fit nicely into my current showing of work ‘Let Glasgow Flourish’ on show at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin (on show until Nov 2022).

I’m sure as we approach winter there will be plenty more protests and demonstrations to come.

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