The access you get

The incredible aspect of being a photographer working on editorial and corporate jobs is the access you get. The little camera acting as a passport through doors and into other worlds, into offices, incredible rooms, or into warehouses, onto balconies or rooftops of Glasgow, of Edinburgh, or other cities. 

There’s that moment when you turn up on assignment, double checking the address, making sure you’re at the correct location. Ten or fifteen minutes from now you’ll be with a CEO or Chairman, or worker, and everyone will be looking at you, “Where would you like to do the picture?” And the bets bit is you’ve never been there before and have no idea. You’re walking in cold.

But this is where years of experience comes into play. Experience brings with it the knowledge of knowing where will work, where won’t, what a building may offer, or workarounds should what you have in mind not exist. A professional brings with them the ability to walk cold into any situation, and thinking on your feet you can problem solve, your mind working creatively, and you find a location.

So, while the CEO, or the Personal Assistant is asking you where you’d like to do the photos, you already have ideas. 

Today was like that. A business portrait photography assignment in Edinburgh city centre. The building looked imposing from the outside, looking dark. But looking up at it as I stood before the appointment time, I guess there’d perhaps be a balcony or rooftop that could be used. (Or on this recent photo assignment shoot in a Scottish castle the impressive room I walked into…)

“Hi, lovely to meet you. Yes, I was wondering if there is a balcony, or rooftop we may access?”

And sure enough there was. With a magnificent view of the world heritage city of Edinburgh behind. All that was required was the good grace of your sitter to play ball, to come and stand where you needed them. 

“Could you just stand here please Sir? Incredible view isn’t it?”

Sometimes it’s all about the access you get, and knowing to ask for it. That’s the beauty of this job, that’s what I’m good at. 

Need help with a photography assignment in Scotland, not knowing how it will work out? Let’s chat, perhaps I can help.

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