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This weekend a new beer has gone on sale here in Glasgow, and I’m pleased one of my shipyard images was chosen for the label for Dookit Brewing ‘Sweet Fuggle’ table beer.

A year or so ago I had noticed that Orkney-based photographer Frances Scott has one of her black and white images on a Dookit Brewing beer, and I looked up the brewery, read their website, noticed with interest that there were based locally in the east end of Glasgow and that they were open to collaborating with local artists on the artwork fro their labels. So I of course contacted them, who wouldn’t want a nice beer bottle label usage for the archives?

Harry Weskin adding labels to Sweet Fuggle beer, with shipyard image on label by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, in Dookit Brewing, in Tollcross, Glasgow, Scotland, on 9 February 2024.

I sent over to Harry, the owner, a selection of shipyard black and white images from my work on the shipbuilding on the River Clyde, and also a generic set of old black and white photographs of Glasgow. Very nicely he was taken by the shipyard images, and we settled on this image from Kvaerner shipyard in Govan, from a ship launch in the early 1990’s, to appear on one of his new craft beers. (See more Shipbuilding on the River Clyde photographs here.)

Sweet Fuggle is a table beer, with 2.1% alcohol, and is bursting full of flavour. An easily quaffable beer, and one I’ll be looking for from now on in bars and shops.

I’m delighted that Harry used one of my images on his bottle, and as part of the collaboration I went along to visit him in his Tollcross brewery to see him at work, making the beer, and learn a little of the process.

Harry Weskin of Dookit Brewing, a small independent craft beer brewing company, in the Tollcross area of the city, in Glasgow, Scotland, on 13 January 2024. All photographs ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2024.

Please do check out Dookit Brewing website, from where you can order beers and merchandise, and help support this independent brewery. It’s been great to collaborate, something I’m actively trying to do more of this past year or two. If you’re looking to collaborate, open to projects and ideas, do get in touch. We can chat and who knows what comes of things.


All photographs ©Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 2024.

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