Café Royal Books on show.

I’m pleased to say that the above photograph, of East European ‘Klondyker’ fishermen in the Shetland Isles, is currently on show at the Café Royal Books Documentary, Zines & Subversion exhibition, showing at the Martin Parr Foundation at Paintworks, in Bristol until 12th June 2022. Also on show at the exhibition are 300 of 500 […]

Scottish support for Ukraine

As the shocking and desperate war rages on in Ukraine, with the invasion of the country by Russia, I show here some of the Scottish support for Ukraine and Ukrainians as evident on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. In the past couple of week I’ve been out photographing some of the small events showing support […]

Portrait of Anas Sarwar, of Scottish Labour

I recently was commissioned to photograph a portrait of Anas Sarwar, member of Scottish Parliament and leader of the Scottish Labour Party, for the Financial Times. The portrait shoot took place here in Glasgow, just after the interview for the same article. As ever I arrived early and had a scout around the neighbourhood, to […]

Acquisition of archive by University of St Andrews

The work of internationally recognised Scottish photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert has been acquired by the University of St Andrews.   The collection of around one million images, dating from 1988-2021, will double the University’s photography archive and create significant opportunities for research and teaching at the University. The images are available for the public to view online […]

Acquisition by School of Scottish Studies Archive

“Jeremy’s life-long work is so in-tune with the efforts of those who founded and developed the School of Scottish Studies Archives; his ability to capture people at their most casual, to document the working lives of Scottish people, and to tell a narrative with his images is second to none in modern Scottish photography.” Daryl […]

Bukhara’s Ark, Uzbekistan

Another find recently was this usage of my photograph of The Ark, in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, on the front page of a new book by Adeeb Khalid. The book, Central Asia, A New History from The Imperial Conquests to the Present, is published by Princetown University Press. The image used is one I shot back in […]

Rangers FC in Nat Geo

Sports fans celebrate with red flares

On a recent internet trawl I found two of my images of Rangers FC league winning celebrations – the controversial celebrations at a time of Covid-19 lockdown, online on National Geographic’s website illustrating an article about the psychology of crowd control. Always nice to see some images with the iconic yellow rectangular Nat Geo icon […]

Portrait of Kate Forbes

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the Scottish Cabinet Minister for Finance and the Economy, Ms. Kate Forbes, Member of Scottish Parliament for the Scottish National Party. The portrait was commissioned by The New Statesman magazine, to accompany journalist Chris Deerin’s article, ’The rise of the SNP’s True believer’.  The photo shoot was […]

National Galleries of Scotland

Jeremy’s photography has been exhibited at a variety of exhibitions including in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Scottish Academy, both in Edinburgh, and work from these shows is held within the Scottish Photography Archive as part of the collections of the National Galleries of Scotland. Speaking of Document Scotand’s The Ties That […]