Mikhail Gorbachev in Aberdeen

Many years ago, back in December 1993 I was fortunate enough to photograph former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev in Aberdeen, Scotland, as he came, accompanied by his wife Raisa, to be awarded the Keys To the City. Yesterday evening I was saddened to hear that he has passed away in Moscow aged 91-years. My photographic […]

Platinum Jubilee in Glasgow

‘Know your boxes” I was once told by a photographer, meaning know what you’re photographing and how it adds to what you’ve shot before, know what projects you have on the go and how it all fits together. So it was this weekend as I photographed Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in Glasgow. Last week […]

Two new CRB zines

I’m delighted to share the news that today Café Royal Books and I have collaborated again to bring out two zines featuring photographs fro my archive of Glasgow and Golden Jubilee. The two titles are ‘Glasgow 1990s‘, and ‘Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Scotland 2002‘. Both retail for £6.50 plus package and posting. The Glasgow 1990s images, […]

Shipbuilding on the River Clyde

Years ago a photographer explained to me his process of “know your boxes”, ie, know what projects you’re working on over time, and when you’re out and about photographing, know which boxes you can add images to. The ‘boxes’ being the print boxes for your various photographic projects. We all have a few projects on […]

Acquisition of archive by University of St Andrews

The work of internationally recognised Scottish photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert has been acquired by the University of St Andrews.   The collection of around one million images, dating from 1988-2021, will double the University’s photography archive and create significant opportunities for research and teaching at the University. The images are available for the public to view online […]

Acquisition by School of Scottish Studies Archive

“Jeremy’s life-long work is so in-tune with the efforts of those who founded and developed the School of Scottish Studies Archives; his ability to capture people at their most casual, to document the working lives of Scottish people, and to tell a narrative with his images is second to none in modern Scottish photography.” Daryl […]