Shipbuilding on the River Clyde

Years ago a photographer explained to me his process of “know your boxes”, ie, know what projects you’re working on over time, and when you’re out and about photographing, know which boxes you can add images to. The ‘boxes’ being the print boxes for your various photographic projects. We all have a few projects on […]

Scottish Crime Writers

Scottish author Irvine Welsh in front of stone wall

“Can you shoot a few portraits for a French client, of some Scottish crime writers?” was the message. “Oui, c’est bon!” I replied. Back in March this year I met up with French journalist Julie of Le Point magazine, and we travelled between Glasgow, Bothwell, and Edinburgh for the photography assignment. Julie’s article’s premise was […]

Scottish support for Ukraine

As the shocking and desperate war rages on in Ukraine, with the invasion of the country by Russia, I show here some of the Scottish support for Ukraine and Ukrainians as evident on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. In the past couple of week I’ve been out photographing some of the small events showing support […]

Rangers FC in Nat Geo

Sports fans celebrate with red flares

On a recent internet trawl I found two of my images of Rangers FC league winning celebrations – the controversial celebrations at a time of Covid-19 lockdown, online on National Geographic’s website illustrating an article about the psychology of crowd control. Always nice to see some images with the iconic yellow rectangular Nat Geo icon […]