Photograph a whisky distillery…

It’s always great to hear a client say the magical words “we need you to go photograph a whisky distillery…”. Poetry to my ears as a Scottish photographer. They say that whisky is for sharing, so below I share with you a few photographs from a couple of fairly recent whisky industry assignments. As a […]

Enough is Enough

To the streets! It’s been a busy couple of days for protest on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, and across the UK. With a Union Unity demonstration on Friday, followed by hours on the streets yesterday to photograph an Enough is Enough demonstration, there’s been time to take in the mood of the people, and […]

Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland

The clock was ticking recently when I was on assignment for the Financial Times in Angus for a portrait session appointment with the Right Honourable Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, and Conservative Party Member of Parliament. Always nice to be asked to do such photography portrait shoots with people who are in the […]

Reflections on a Changing Country

The new exhibition from Document Scotland photography collective, including my Let Glasgow Flourish photographs of street protest in the city, has now opened at the Museum of European Cultures (MEK), in Berlin. Reflections on a Changing Country (German title: Ansichten aus einem Land im Wandel) will be on show until 20th November 2022. The exhibition […]

Return to Chornobyl

I recently returned from an assignment to Chornobyl nuclear power plant and the exclusion zone around it, in Ukraine. I was there commissioned by Greenpeace Germany to work as a part of a team conducting a radiation survey of the Russian military impact after their March 2022 occupation of the zone, and to make photographs […]

Portrait of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

This past weekend I had a few moments in which to photograph a portrait of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The shoot took place here in Glasgow, very locally which was nice. As much as I prefer photographing the ‘man/woman in the street’ who doesn’t usually get photographed, it is always nice to get a few […]

Reflections on a Changing Country

I’m pleased to say I’ve work going on show very soon in Berlin, at the Museum of European Culture. The exhibition is entitled Reflections on a Changing Country, and is a set of four stories by myself and my three colleagues of our Document Scotland photography collective. The exhibition opens on 18th August 2022, and […]

Show Us Colonsay

I recently returned from a week of photography on the Hebridean island of Colonsay, where I worked with colleague photographers from Document Scotland, and collaborated with the local community to build a portrait of their island through photography. The project was Show Us Colonsay, supported by Creative Scotland, and Street Level Photoworks gallery in Glasgow. […]